Back from trip & back to learning

Yep, was gone for a bit there. Took off to New Hampshire where I climbed a mountain and then nursed my aching muscles. What did I learn? Don’t hike longer than you can manage and in the event that you foolishly hike to long, bring food and lots’a water (dummy!!!–note to self).

And now… the first shoot of the summer is finally about to happen!! The anticipation has been killing me! I’ll be interviewing two ex-teachers (my music & history teachers) in one of my old classrooms. I paid the place a visit today to jog my memory about the environment and wow, a lot has changed. There’s a whole new building for classes and multimedia production, the hallways are being modified in the old/original school setting, the locker room (that I hoped to capture on film) is being completely renovated…and there are speed bumps for traffic where the beautiful pedestrian path to the school once existed.

I will now take a moment and tell you how heartbreaking that was to see… granted I would have ‘killed’ for a multimedia palace!!

I’m no longer sure if I’ll use or capture a scene of the stairway up to the principals office since it’s not how I remembered it (although, as Zacharie, the camera person remarked, the stain glass window along the staircase is really beautiful and surely worth the moment it will take to shoot it).

The crew will be made up of some lovely people/friends: Zach on camera, Michele for sound, Kira as PA and Cathrin as second PA.

The questions will look something like this:

1.    Describe your own academic experience in high school (likes/dislikes);
•    How would you describe the high school you attended?
•    How would you describe yourself as a student in high school?
•    If we were to see a picture of you in high school, what would we see?
•    Can you remember one course or teacher that you liked particularly. What made that class special?
•    Can you remember one course or teacher that you really disliked or found difficult?
•    If you were to look back with a critical eye what could have improved your learning experience in high school

2.    Why did you decide to become a teacher?
3.    Why did you decide to teach at an all girl’s school?
4.    How do you feel about segregated learning (eg. private-public-religious-cultural…
5.    What subjects do you teach?
6.    How would you describe yourself as a teacher? How would you describe your teaching  philosophy?
7.    How do you feel students learn best?  In what ways do you take this into account when you plan for your classes?
8.    If you noticed a student struggling or failing what would you attribute that to? How would you deal with it?
9.    Can you share a memorable anecdote about a student who was able to overcome that struggle? one who wasn’t?
10.    What criticism might you have regarding the ed. system today?
11.    What would you like to see change within the ed system that would improve teachers work conditions?  The experience of learners? (put this later)
12.    What advice would you give a new teacher (that they may not have learned in teaching school) about the job and about students? (maybe last question)
13.    Share a memorable anecdote

Now back to printing release forms, emailing details, checking equipment…..

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