Clearer…whilst ambiguity prevails

Why, for the love of god am I planning an installation? Why can’t I just chose someone I’m curious about and make a film about them?… Because I’m stubborn.

OK, so here’s a half drawn sketch of an installation setting (at least I know for sure that I can’t draw). I was toying with having an old NFB film screening in the industrial side of the room but if the Montreal shoot goes well then the personal angle I’m ‘shooting’ for might be more …powerful.

And here is a little mock up of a few shots I’d like to get at my old high school:

Hopefully one slow, intense take up the long path beyond the school gates past the grand building at the top and toward the dark, side entrance where the students enter, and where the rows of lockers were.

I might not feel good about the drawings but I’m looking forward to the media ‘collection’.

Some new developments:

  • Meeting Freddy at music studio next week. He’s a 19 year old rapper/musician & music teacher who has a thing or two to say about how he was taught in school. I’m looking forward to hanging out with him for a while that day, see what he does, hear what he has to say and capture the visual and audio experience.
  • I’ve contacted most of the alternative ed secondary ‘schools’ in TO
  • Signed up to volunteer at the STLHE conference in creative teaching and learning @ RU at the end of June. Business card printed. A gazillion teachers will be there.
  • Finished one John Dewey book, Experience and Education

Now, since I’ll be in Montreal for the better part of the summer the equipment I will need will be the following:

  1. Video camera: HMC-150P (hopefully)
  2. Sound kit (incl. AKG C568B)
  3. mic stand
  4. tripod I’ve got
  5. Lighting… if needed I’ll rent in Mtl
  6. Olympus LS-10 (an investment to make)

Now, what about a website? I’d like to use the expertise in the new-media class to settle the dilemma I’ve had with my previous website and see if anything can be salvaged in case I chose to use it for the project down the road.

Media objective for next Monday?: the workings of an audio podcast with Andrew, an English teacher from Mtl who has been actively using digital photography to teach his grade 7-8 students grammar and story telling, Jason from the Pathways program in T.O who mentors students from the Regent Park neighborhood, and me.

About cayoup

Colleen Ayoup was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She has been engaged in media creation for nearly twenty years. After attending the Dawson Institute of Photography (Montreal), she worked as a commercial photographer for several years until the craving for different creative pursuits gave way. This desire led to two subsequent degrees in Psychology/Film Studies and Film Production (B.A., B.F.A) at Concordia University in Montreal. Her short fiction films and documentary, Kings (2001), about drag-king culture in Montreal toured festivals internationally. In 2004, she joined the National Film Board of Canada where she coordinated Doc Shop, a program designed to give emerging filmmakers an opportunity to learn trade skills from industry professionals and produce a short documentary for broadcast on CBC. She also contributed to the development and creation of CitizenShift (, the NFB’s first social-media website that she subsequently coordinated for five years. She is a recent graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program in Documentary Media at Ryerson University (Toronto, ON)